About Us

Children have imaginations with no limits, they are earth’s most curious little habitants; just hand them the simplest object and their little minds will go on and on.

With basic toys, the benefits are tremendous, wooden toys from responsible sources have proven to be the safest, most durable toys that allow children to be creative spurring social interaction with their peers and siblings.

Curious Earthlings is a Qatari online shop providing your children with the most Eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic toys from top brands worldwide.

Each piece was selected carefully to make sure your little ones have the utmost fun experiences. Just let those curious little minds do what they do.


As a mother I found myself looking for ways to keep my children occupied during the pandemic. All sorts of toys were available, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, a shop that only provided eco-friendly, sustainable toys.

From here my journey begins. I’d love to think that I am able to help families and children in finding the best quality, eco-friendly toys all in one place.